Logbook Servicing

Any new vehicle you buy will come with a warranty, which protects you from certain unexpected expenses early in the vehicle’s life. To maintain this warranty, it’s expected of you to bring your vehicle to a reputable mechanic for regularly scheduled logbook servicing.

We provide logbook servicing for all makes and models of petrol, diesel, electric and hybrid vehicles, giving you the peace of mind of an intact warranty while also providing advance warning of any potential mechanical problems in the future.

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Vehicle Inspections

Before selling or trading your vehicle, it must first undergo an inspection to ensure that the vehicle you’re disposing of is still road-legal. This roadworthy inspection has to be carried out at a VicRoads Licensed Vehicle Tester before VicRoads will approve its re-registration.

As a VicRoads licensed vehicle tester we can provide vehicle inspections and help you fast track your vehicle’s Certificate of Roadworthiness. We also offer customers pre-trip inspections to uncover any lurking mechanical problems before you take off on your next driving holiday.

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Brake Repairs

Your brakes are your vehicle’s most important safety feature, often making the difference between an emergency stop and an expensive trip to a panel beater. Your brakes are also subject to more wear and tear than any other area of your vehicle, particularly with the stop-and-start nature of driving in the suburbs.

At Autoclass we offer a complete range of brake repairs and services, from replacement parts to brake disc resurfacing and machining. We also check your brake hydraulics for blockages that might interfere with your vehicle’s stopping power.

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Steering & Suspension

Problems with your vehicle’s handling and ride comfort can typically be traced back to issues in your vehicle’s suspension or steering, whether it’s a lack of responsiveness in the steering wheel or excessive body roll when going around corners. Issues with your steering can also affect the rate at which your tyres wear out.

Our team at Autoclass can provide and fit replacement car springs, shock absorbers and bushes for your vehicle’s suspension, as well as conduct steering system repairs, wheel alignment and balancing to ensure your vehicle handles properly on the road, and install lift kits and other 4WD upgrades.

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Clutch & Transmission

Issues with your vehicle’s transmission can quickly deteriorate if not caught early. If you’re having trouble staying in gear or changing gear, or if you experience strange noises and smells from underneath the vehicle while driving, it’s a sure sign of trouble in your vehicle’s transmission.

We can repair or replace faulty units in all makes and models of manual or automatic vehicles. We can also conduct servicing, including transmission fluid changes, as well as checks and repairs of your vehicle’s differential and CV joints.

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Engine Repairs

Your vehicle’s engine is its beating heart; problems here can quickly and drastically affect your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency, costing you more and more money the longer they go untreated.

In cases of extensive engine trouble we can source and install replacement engines and engine parts, as well as repair camshafts and conduct EFI diagnostics to optimise the way your vehicle uses fuel.

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Radiators & Cooling

An overheating engine can quickly cripple your vehicle if it’s pushed too hard on the road, leaving you stranded. If you suspect your vehicle’s overheating, the best thing to do is pull over immediately and give us a call for a check of your vehicle’s cooling system.

We can repair or replace faulty radiator units, heater units, thermostats, head gaskets and more. We can also conduct checks and services, from pressure testing to coolant flushes, to ensure your cooling system is working as intended.

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Air Conditioning

Australia’s warmer months can make driving for too long uncomfortable at the best of times, but any sort of problem with your vehicle’s air conditioning can make it utterly unbearable.

We can replace, repair or service your vehicle’s faulty air conditioning units, hosing, seals and valves to make sure your aircon has everything it needs to keep your car cool through the warmer months. We can also re-gas your air con system in accordance to ARC standards.

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Diagnostics & Auto Electrical

With how quickly modern vehicles’ electronics have developed over just the past decade, it takes a dedicated auto electrician to keep pace with the changing landscape and offer the same dependable repairs and services to all makes and models of vehicles, new and old.

At Autoclass we can provide a full complement of auto electrical services. Our top of the line diagnostic tools allow us to locate and repair electrical issues in your vehicle more quickly than many other workshops, getting you back on the road sooner. We also offer testing and replacement of faulty batteries, alternators and starter motors, installation of new stereo and lighting solutions, dual battery systems, solar panels and more.

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Wheels & Tyres

Providing the perfect set of tyres for your vehicle means more than just matching your make and model. To ensure you get the most out of any new set of rubber, you should also consider the typical driving conditions in which the vehicle will be used – weather, road surface, even your own habits as a driver.

We can supply you with the perfect set of tyres for your vehicle from our catalogue, made up of some of Australia’s most trusted tyre manufacturers. We can also fit, balance and align them to your vehicle, so you get the most value for money out of your purchase.

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Other Services

We offer customers a range of additional services, including:

  • windscreen replacement
  • exhaust repairs and upgrades
  • and much more
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